General & Family Dentistry

We strive to optimize oral health for every patient by emphasizing prevention and long-term results. Dr. Danner and our team take the time to listen to patients and explain the details of treatment recommendations. It’s our goal to make your appointments comfortable and informative, so you – and your family – look forward to visiting our Kingfisher dental office, whether you’re visiting for general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, replacement teeth, or other services.

Our general and family dental services are designed for patients of all ages. We see children starting at age one, and adults are never to old to learn the importance of proper oral hygiene. With a skilled team of hygienists and a highly qualified general dentist, we can serve your dental needs throughout your lifetime.

Experience the Latest in Contemporary Dental Care

Technology, quality, and your comfort are the cornerstones of our Kingfisher dental practice. Call today and schedule your appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Danner. Patients of all ages from Kingfisher, Piedmont, Hennessey, Okarche, and Watonga rely on Dr. Danner for advanced general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and replacement-teeth services.